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Salisbury Steak Elevates Ground Beef

  Ground beef is an American dinner menu staple. We grill, fry, bake and oven roast ground beef. We make ground beef into sandwiches and meat balls and loaves.  We serve ground beef with pasta, on bread and with potatoes or rice.  And we get oh-so-very-bored with ground beef too! That’s why I consider Salisbury Steak (yes that’s how you …

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Baked Zucchini Panko Parmesan Fries

  I love the taste and crunch of a really good French fry, do you? These days I tried to save fried foods as a special treat and have been figuring out “fake outs” – ways to give me the taste and satisfaction of fried without the mess, oil and extra calories. These Baked Zucchini …

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Lemon and Herb Orzo

Lemon Herb Orzo with my Mediterranean Chicken…awesome! If you aren’t familiar with orzo it’s pasta shaped like rice only just slightly larger.  It’s great served warm as a side dish – plain or with a sauce or gravy. And it’s perfect served cold in pasta salads. Recently I served this This is a great dish to try different fresh …

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Mediterranean Roast Chicken

Mediterranean Roasted chicken on a weeknight is a simple and elegant meal. With just a little bit of effort – and you know me when I say a little bit, that’s what I mean – you can make a meal that your family will enjoy and talking about it for days. But first – a …

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Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes There is really no easier side dish than herb roasted fingerling potatoes. Brush, wipe or rinse off the potatoes and place in a hot oven to cook alongside a main course like beef, pork or chicken — voila! every thing is done at once. For years I’ve been picking over the displays of new …

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Apple Turnovers

Last week unexpected guests arrived for dinner. They were unexpected but not unwelcome. I call these two lovely girls my grandkids and love them very much. But unexpected mouths at dinner time is always a challenge. When they are “tween-agers” the challenge is amplified. At this age they think all food should come in a bun and with a …

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Tip: How to Zest

Have you ever had a recipe call for the zest of a lemon or other citrus fruit and you have no idea what it means?  No worries, I will explain this simple task. Zesting is the process of removing only the colored part of citrus fruit skin or rind. The colored area is where the …

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