Starbucks Cup Sizes Explained

After a video that claimed all Starbucks cups had the same volume went viral, people got curious about how exactly the sizes were determined. That’s why I did this blog post – it’s an in-depth explanation of how you can determine what size of the cup is best for your needs.

When the founder of Starbucks returned from a trip to Italy, he was inspired to make some changes to the company and its product names. Among these changes was the adoption of Italian names for cup sizes which led to some major changes in the way customers felt about the brand.

At the moment, Starbucks offers drink sizes such as:

  • Short [8 fl. oz.]
  • Tall [12 fl. oz.]
  • Grande [16 fl. oz.]
  • Venti Hot [20 fl. oz.]
  • Venti Cold [24 fl. oz.]
  • Trenta Cold* [31 fl. oz.]

These sizes are what’s available for Teavana Shaken Iced Tea, Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, and Starbucks Refreshers.

How did Starbucks come up with its sizes?

Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, introduced Italian names to the cups when he noticed that customers were demanding bigger sizes after his trip to Italy in 1983. At the same time, customers were requesting more drinks like iced coffees and fraps, which led him to do away with the short and medium coffee cup sizes and introduced Grande, Venti, and Tentra which were sizes larger than the Tall cup.

The best part? Tall ended up becoming the shortest cup, and one of the best-selling cups ever.

What size is Starbucks free cup?

Starbucks is making it easy to go green during the holiday season. From time to time, they have giveaways like a reusable red standard Grande size cup along with other environmentally friendly products. The cups are made with recycled content and are part of the company’s pledge to reduce waste as much as possible. Overcome your winter blues when you enjoy your handcrafted holiday treat in your free Grande cup.

What size are the red Starbucks cups?

Starbucks has a ton of red cups to help add to the holiday cheer. Other than their beautiful free red reusable cups, they’ve introduced red holiday-themed cups that make holiday celebrations even more festive. There is the tall cup that holds 12 ounces, a Grande which holds 16 ounces, and a Venti which holds 20 ounces. The most common size remains the Grande cup with it’s 16 fluid ounces which can be found at any Starbucks location now!

What are the Starbucks drink sizes?

There are four drink sizes at Starbucks, and they include tall, Grande, Venti, and Tentra. There’s also the short size but it’s not as common. The different sizes of drinks vary in price and are essential depending on your intended amount of drink and type.

Why does Starbucks name their sizes?

A tried and true company like Starbucks has a lot of interesting backgrounds. When the store first opened, it was just like any other coffee shop in size and name – regular cup size names. But after having been to Italy, the founder decided that the cafe would be more attractive by using Italian names for their cups – Grande, Venti, and Tentra.

The use of Italian did not stop there but was carried through to the cafe’s menu with names like Macchiato and Misto.

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What size is a Venti at Starbucks?

Venti in Italian means twenty. A Starbucks Venti cup is 20 ounces for hot drinks and 24 ounces for cold drinks.

What size is a Grande at Starbucks?

The Grande coffee at Starbucks is the medium option, and being 16 ounces, it can be hot or cold.

How big is a Short at Starbucks?

The size of an original short Starbucks cup is usually 8 fluid ounces and is the smallest drink size Starbucks has ever offered..

How big is a tall size at Starbucks?

It seems like the old saying ‘Tall is the new short’ that people used to say at Starbucks has taken on a new meaning. Now, the smallest size of all is 12 fluid ounces.

How do Starbucks sizes work?

The cup sizes at Starbucks are again confusing to even the most knowledgeable person. The tentra size you can get is 31 ounces for an iced beverage, 16 for a Grande with both hot and cold beverages, and 20 for a Venti with only hot drinks or 24 for cold ones.

As it is, In Starbucks, you never know what amazing facts or facts you’ll stumble across when going into a store.

What size is a birthday drink at Starbucks?

The average shot in the United States is 0.8 ounces (64 ml) making drinks like birthday shots range from 20 to 24 ounces.

Where do Starbucks sizes name come from?

Starbucks uses Italian words as a size indicator.

Why are Starbucks sizes different?

The founder decided to adopt Italian names and subsequently booted off the short size.

Why are Starbucks sizes in Italian?

The names were chosen to honor the founder’s Italian inspiration and unique culture.

Why is Starbucks sizing so weird?

The original Short size has been discontinued, meaning only the Tall remains.

Why does Starbucks not use small, medium, and large?

In order to promote their brand, the founder of the popular U.S coffee chain decided to take their marketing efforts one step further. They renamed the stores so that they would appeal to the romance-focused niche market.

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